Lead Dog Realty

Project Details

October 24, 2017
Lead Dog Realty
Photoshop, WordPress, Cloud Server

Project Description

Lead Dog Realty is the Charlotte market leader in flat fee full service realty. Owner and Lead Dog, Scott Tyler, has been working with us for over 10 years and was very satisfied with the previous websites we designed for him. But when he hired Jennifer Barbin to act as the lead agent, Jennifer wanted a modern new mobile responsive website. So we set to work to make it happen.

After meeting and meeting and meeting, we put together the core sections of the website home page to everyone’s satisfaction. Key to the site was making the central message of Flat Fee Full Service up front and simple. One of the other core features was to display client homes for sale in an engaging way and make it easy for Jennifer to update listings.

All this was accomplished using WordPress, our speedy hosting, and a great theme that we were able to customize for the realty market. Go get ’em Jennifer. She’s been quite busy!


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