Mackey Family Practice

Project Details

October 24, 2017
Mackey Family Practice
Dreamweaver, Photoshop, WordPress, Cloud Server Admin

Project Description

In need of a new website, Mackey Family Practice, a family doctor’s office serving Lancaster County, contacted us to redesign their site and bring it into the current era of mobile-friendly fluent design.

They were running their site on a dedicated Windows Server, which was much too much server for their needs. We moved the site to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) on the cloud, installed WordPress and chose a highly customizable theme with user-friendly administration and content management.

They wanted to keep most of their content which included health tips, health tools and general information. All the information on their old site, including all the text, was in image files. Google was unable to index all the content properly. We retyped all the health information content and entered it into a visitor-friendly and robot friendly new page design.

The practice was also having trouble with getting email through to the recipients, much of it being tagged as spam because of the automated messages sent. We moved the practice to Gmail and implemented industry-standard practices to legitimize their email.

Now a world of new possibilities is available to help them grow their practice and make it easier for patients to interact with their doctors.


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