Steve Lehman Tours

Project Details

October 24, 2017
Steve Lehman Tours
Photoshop, WordPress

Project Description

One of our website design clients, filmmaker Terry Shiels, referred his cycling coach, Steve Lehman, to us to modernize his 1990’s-style website. Steve’s original site had a static star-field background image and red and blue type. Remember those? So we set out to design a site geared to showcase Steve’s cycling tours at beautiful locations around the world.

WordPress was just gaining ground as a content management system and we recommended it to Steve. We showed him some theme styles we liked for his business and he selected one that he liked. It’s simple and enables visitors to quickly find the information they came for while at the same time provides opportunities for Search Engine Optimization via his blog of his travels.

A nifty little feature is the feed of USA Cycling News at the bottom of his website.

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