A tape back-up system is in place that serves as a disaster recovery system in case of a server crash or some similar catastrophe. As an added service, we provide restoration of customer files when requested. However, these requests can only be fulfilled during those times that the tape drive is not busy backing-up the servers. The MySQL database is backed up at the same time as the site.

Further, this means that there are a very limited number of hours per day when we can do restorations. If we get several requests for restorations or if those requests involve a large number of files, then we may not be able to complete all of them in the time frame available. This could result in a delay of up to 24 hours before the next opportunity.

Important: We generally retain customer files on the backup server for 14 days.

Cost to restore a site: $50 per hour, minimum one hour.

We cannot restore anything to the condition it was in at a given time on a particular day. What we can do is restore the files that were on the site at the time of the last backup that was made before the given time on the particular day. Any files that were created after the backup was made (i.e. did not exist at the time of the backup) will not be overwritten or removed.

If you wish to have your site restored, to a day and time that you believe that this information was on the account, please acknowledge the cost to restore the site -- along with any additional instructions you may feel would be helpful.

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