First, please make sure that the sender has sent the message to the right address (one mistyped letter in an email address can cause an email to be sent to the wrong person). Also, make sure that they're able to send messages successfully to other people. If you still don't receive the message, there are a number of things that might have happened:

The sender's address might be on your Blocked Addresses list.

The Blocked Addresses feature in Yahoo! Mail allows you to create a list of addresses that you don't want to receive mail from. Mail from these senders will neither arrive nor bounce, but simply be discarded. This is the most common reason we've seen why messages aren't reaching you. To check your Blocked Addresses list, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click "Options."
  2. Click "Blocked Addresses."
  3. Scan the list for the address of the sender.

The message arrived for you after you signed in.

Often, mail arrives while you're writing or reading another email. You won't see this mail in your Inbox until you "Refresh/Reload" the page, return to the Welcome Screen, or return to your Inbox by clicking "Check Mail." However, with Yahoo! Messenger or News Ticker, you receive an alert each time a new message arrives.

If you've set up filters, your messages might be going directly to a folder other than your Inbox. This could even include the Trash folder.

Here's how to view your filters:
  1. Click "Options" on the top right navigation bar.
  2. Click "Filters."

Please Note: Messages in the Trash folder can be deleted by the system at any time. Thus, you shouldn't put any messages in the Trash folder unless you want to get rid of them. Once these messages are emptied from the Trash, they're gone forever, and can't be retrieved.

If you've forwarded your mail, it could be going to another other email address.

Here's how to check:

  1. Click "Options" on the top right side of the navigation bar.
  2. Click "POP Access & Forwarding" on the Options page.
  3. If you're using Auto-Forwarding and would like to discontinue it, do this:
    • Click the radio button for "Web and POP Access."
    • Click "Submit."
  4. Click "Back to Options" to return to the Yahoo! Options page.

The message may have been delayed. Messages are usually delivered within a few minutes, but they can sometimes be delayed while in transit.

This is usually due to problems on the sender's mail server, heavy Internet traffic, or routing problems. To find out more about delays, visit:

Following the above steps should guarantee that you get all of your messages. If you have any more problems with emails, please contact me again and I'd be happy to look further in to the matter for you.

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