We select and manage our hosting plans based on your web site needs. The following plans provide the latest proven and tested technological features and are monitored, patched and upgraded regularly.


If you've got an XVPS plan, you'll need a Virtual Private Server guru that knows how to keep it secured, patched, and managed. If you don't have your own, this service is for you.

Virtually all VPS plans from every hosting provider have a standard configuration that is vulnerable to hackers, thieves, and attackers. Our XVPS Guru removes the standard vulnerabilities and locks up your server. We also remove unnecessary software and encrypt all communications with the server. And we update the necessary software on the server when new patches are released.

The price of the XVPS Guru is only $300/month for up to 5 hours. Compare that to hiring an IT pro full time!


The XVPS Guru will set up email services on the VPS including individual user mailboxes, address forwarding, junk mail spam filtering and antivirus scanning.

Once your accounts are set up, we send you the information you need to easily configure your mail client like Outlook, Outlook Express, or Live Mail. We also help you configure your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry if needed.

If you ever have trouble with your email, we're here to help. You can call us or contact us online here.

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